5 Essential Tips for Working from Home from the DPL Team!

Did you know at Digital Performance Lab we’ve always been a work from home company – even before the COVID-19 pandemic!

With the rise of remote work, many professionals now find themselves working from the comfort of their own homes just like us. While this setup offers numerous benefits, it also presents unique challenges. To help you make the most of your work-from-home experience, each of our team members has provided their top tip for enhancing productivity and well-being working from home. Let’s dive in!

1. Daryl’s Tip: Create a Dedicated Workspace or Home Office

One of the first steps to ensure a successful work-from-home experience is to establish a dedicated workspace or home office. Having a designated area helps create boundaries between your personal and professional life. Set up a comfortable desk and chair, organise your essential tools, and eliminate distractions as much as possible. This space will provide a sense of structure and help you focus on your tasks more effectively. Having a designated workspace or home office will help create a clear distinction between work and personal time in your home.


Here’s a before and after picture of Daryl’s home office:

Daryl's Office BeforeDaryl's Office After!

2. Caeris’ Tip: Consider Getting a Furry Friend!

Working from home can sometimes feel isolating. Consider adding a furry friend to your household to provide companionship and a joyful break from work! Pets can offer emotional support and help reduce stress. If having a pet isn’t feasible, consider working in coffee shops or shared workspaces occasionally. A change of scenery and the presence of other people can boost motivation and creativity. Here is a picture of Caeris with her furry friend!

Caeris' furry friend

3. Edgar’s Tip: Maintain Good Posture


Sitting for prolonged periods can take a toll on your physical well-being. It’s crucial to prioritise your posture while working from home. Invest in an ergonomic chair that supports your back and encourages proper spinal alignment. Keep your feet flat on the floor, position your monitor at eye level, and ensure your wrists are relaxed while typing. Regular breaks and stretching exercises are also beneficial for preventing muscle stiffness and discomfort. Refer to Caeris’ tip about a furry friend – a great reason to get out and stretch your legs!

Edgar Maintaining Good Posture

4. Carly’s Tip: Incorporate a Standing Desk

An increasingly popular option for remote workers is a standing desk. Standing while working provides several advantages, including improved blood circulation, increased energy levels, and reducing all that time sitting around! Standing desks come in various designs and can be adjusted to different heights, allowing you to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. This change in position can enhance focus, engagement, and overall well-being. We love a standing desk at Digital Performance Lab!

Carly's Desk

5. Rebecca’s Tip: Make Time for Your Mental Health

Working from home can blur the boundaries between work and personal life, potentially leading to burnout, stress, loss of motivation and more. It’s vital to establish a healthy work-life balance and prioritise your own wellbeing. Set clear boundaries by defining your work hours and taking regular breaks. Engage in activities throughout the day that bring you joy: going for a walk in the afternoon, reading a great book on your lunch break, listening to a podcast while you work or even cooking something you love at lunch! Maintain social connections by staying in touch with your colleagues throughout the day and making time to see friends and family outside of work. Additionally, consider practicing mindfulness or meditation to help with focus of if you’re feeling overwhelmed – Rebecca loves the Headspace app and uses it if she’s feeling overwhelmed or low on motivation.


Rebecca's Desk

We hope that these top tips help you make the most of your own work-from-home experience. Remember, finding a balance between work and personal life is essential for your wellbeing and long term success. If you have your own work from home tips, be sure to share them with us!

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