The Benefits of the DPL Digital Marketing Partner Programme

Are you a Web Developer, Graphic Designer or in a similar space?

At Digital Performance Lab we understand the critical role a website plays in the growth of any business, and we also understand that design and development is just the first step to an ongoing journey, particularly in relation to websites. Our new Digital Marketing Partner Programme helps ensure that your clients are able to take the next steps on that journey while helping to ensure their website makes a real commercial contribution to their business goals.

In the Digital Marketing Partner Programme, you get a referral fee for every project you partner with us on, as well as extra development time with your client. This new partner programme helps not just your client but the growth of your business too.

So How Does It Work?

  • Firstly, we use our 4-stage growth framework to understand the business, their goals, the online opportunity, and the role their website plays in this.
  • Once we have a good understanding, we develop a 12-month digital growth plan. At this stage we develop and recommend a budget that includes the time required and the advertising spend. Most projects require a minimum of 12 hours per month and £500 in ad spend.
  • When the brief and budget is agreed, we put the plan in to action. Meeting with the client once a month to discuss progress and to plan for the month ahead.
  • Each month we directly invoice the client. On a quarterly basis, we will issue you a 20% referral fee based on the agreed client budget – on average this is £1,500 per year. You will receive this 20% referral fee for as long as the client stays with us.
  • As a part of the growth plan, we recommend any additional website development that we see as beneficial in meeting the business goals. On average this results in £1,500 of additional development time per year.

The Benefits to Partnering with Us

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Partnering with us could be a fantastic opportunity for your business. Here are the four main benefits to becoming a partner:

  1. Referral Fee: As a partner of the Digital Partner Programme, you will receive a minimum referral fee of an average of £1,500 per year. The referral fee is 20% of the agreed budget, for as long as the client stays with us.
  2. Additional Development Time: A key part of the growth plan will be using data to suggest developments to improve the performance of key pages, creating new landing pages and adding new features and functions to the site in line with commercial objectives. On average, this will result in £1,500 of additional development time for you per year.
  3. Client Retention: Bringing your web client on board with the Digital Partner Programme can help to prevent them from leaving your services in favour of full-service agencies or other developers.
  4. Added Value: Offering the Digital Partner Programme to your clients allows you to offer ongoing value to current clients as well as attracting prospective new clients with added value in the packages you can offer

So What Are You Waiting For?

There really is no downside to the Digital Marketing Partner Programme – everybody benefits and everyone reaches their business goals together!

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