3 Essential Facebook Ads Campaigns For eCommerce


Running ads on Facebook for your eCommerce business is crucial. A strong, sales-generating ad strategy should fit the mindset of a Facebook user, with each campaign specific to segmented audiences and objectives. It should also utilise various campaign types so that you’re following and reaching potential shoppers at different touchpoints of their journey. 

The ideal eCommerce Facebook ad strategy should include ‘cold’ traffic and retargeting campaigns all while using a variety of ad types. 

So, with that said, here are our top 3 essential Facebook Ads Campaigns for eCommerce that should not be missed in your funnel: 

  1. Facebook Retargeting Ads 
  2. Prospecting Dynamic Ads 
  3. Facebook Lead Ads 

Let’s dive into each in a little more detail… 

1. Facebook Retargeting Ads 

If you haven’t included Facebook dynamic ads in your Facebook advertising strategy, you’re missing out on a key retargeting opportunity. Dynamic ads are targeted at potential shoppers explicitly based on their behavior history on your eCommerce store. Basically, get the products people have already been browsing (but not yet purchased) to follow the user around their Facebook and Instagram! They can be hugely successful and genius. 

The knack for turning this easy-to-build campaign into a money-spinner, lies totally in optimisation. For example:

  • Focusing on your most profitable products and eliminating the duds
  • Monitoring product availability
  • Planning and controlling frequency
  • Optimising copy and tweaking headlines to keep them fresh
  • Testing and tweaking bid strategies

2. Prospecting Dynamic Ads 

Prospecting Dynamic Ads are an extension of Facebook dynamic ads – they focus on customer acquisition rather than retargeting. Dynamic ads allow ecommerce marketers to place their ads strategically so they display in front of select audiences.

Prospecting Dynamic Ads are powered by Facebook’s algorithm. Product ads display to users expressing interest in products similar to yours but haven’t yet visited your website or app. These dynamic ads take into consideration interest, demographic and behavior when targeting a user. They can expand your reach across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network to improve customer acquisition. 

Use them to target Top-of-funnel shoppers who are unfamiliar with your brand and create cracking creative (as with most Facebook Ad campaigns, available creative includes single image, carousel ads and collection ads) then just let Facebook’s algorithm do the hard work.  

Side note; You’ll need a catalog and Facebook pixel to set up Prospecting Dynamic Ads. 

3. Facebook Lead Ads 

You may think Lead Generation ads aren’t relevant for eCommerce business as they’re better placed in service style organisations – well, we’re here to say otherwise! 

If you want to use Facebook to grow your eCommerce mailing list, test a new product, download a manual or guide, sign up for a subscription service, or even run a competition, Facebook lead ads are the way forward. 

The benefits of lead ads include customisable instant forms and the ability to connect your leads to a CRM platform such as Mailchimp (perfect for list building!). 

Creating and publishing your Lead Ad is only the beginning. You’ll gain a better understanding of what works for your audience as you run the ad runs — that’s why testing, analyzing, and optimising is critical to getting qualified leads and subscribers in the door.

Facebook Ads Campaign Success Story

Here’s a great example of how we at DPL utilised lead ads for a local NI eCommerce brand…

An online fashion retailer came to us wanting to build their email subscriber list. To get started, we created an ecommerce campaign that consisted of:

  •  Facebook lead generation ad encouraging users to sign up 
  • An incentive of a £100 voucher towards their Spring wardrobe 

The campaign ran for just one week and generated:

  • 1,264 leads
  • With £356 in ad spend
  • Resulting in just £0.28 per lead!

We manually tested a number of audiences and ad creative and the results can now be utilised going forward for future campaigns to ensure we keep heading towards that overall subscriber goal. 


So, to round up…. You need a varied and well-optimised Facebook Ad for eCommerce strategy that targets every touchpoint on a shopper’s journey. This means utilising multiple campaign types to build a converting sales funnel that tackles acquisition and remarketing.

Not only do you need to test different Facebook ad types for different objectives – but you also should be testing ad elements within each campaign.

Don’t worry – we can help with this! We’d love to offer you a complimentary 30-minute introductory call via Zoom to learn more about how we can help drive more sales to your business through Facebook Ads. 

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